About NutraProcés

NutraProcés is a liquid manufacturing and handling company, InstantProces is a company specialized in manufacturing and handling of solids and NutraResearch company specialized in galenic formulations and new product developments.


We adapt to any type of liquid product thanks to the wide range of formats that allow us to carry out our facilities and equipment.

We also offer wide flexibility in terms of the volume of our manufacturing with a wide variety of production equipment.

We participate in all stages, from development to manufacturing and packaging of products, adapting to the specific needs of each of our clients, creating your customized product.


At NutraProcés we abide by the maxim that our products offer the highest efficiency, safety, quality and at the best price.

We have a multidisciplinary team that follows exhaustive training plans that allow us to be at the forefront of quality and innovation.

We have a laboratory equipped with suitable instruments to carry out the necessary analyzes in order to ensure the highest quality in our products. In addition to the standard analyzes, our quality department offers a personalized quality control service based on the parameters and individual requirements of each client and product.


We are committed to our clients, complying with the previously agreed delivery terms. In this way we offer maximum confidence and security so that the product complies with the established timings.

We have an extensive network of high-quality suppliers that supply us with the fastest materials and ingredients used throughout the process. In addition, our management system allows us to have emergency providers to prevent any incident that may happen. In our facilities we also have our own large warehouse where we can safely store our products prior to their release.