Manufacturing Equipment

  • UHT machine

The UHT allows sterilizing liquids by performing a heat treatment that takes them to 120 ºC and quickly drops to 40 ºC.

  • 2000 – 1500 L Reactors

The reactors with more capacity in NutraProcés. They have an anchor-type agitation system and “turrax” at the base of the reactors.

  • 1000 L Reactor

Manufacturing reactor for batches between 500 and 1000 L. Liquid reactors are mixers at high temperatures within pressure and vacuum processes. These processes are necessary for the reaction of different material mixtures.

  • 600 L Reactor

Manufacturing reactor for batches between 300 and 600 L. This equipment also carries out pilot batches of a minimum of 150 L.

  • Liquid packaging machine 150 – 1000 ml

High speed liquid packaging machine. Accepts formats from 150 to 1000 ml.

  • Liquid packaging machine 200 – 1000 ml

Used to package liquids of all kinds of densities and viscosities. Accepts volumes from 200 to 1000 ml.

  • Vials packaging machine

It allows packaging liquids of all kinds in formats between 2 and 100 ml.

  • Sticks packaging machine

Equipment for packing sticks, we have two formats: 30 and 40mm width of the stick base.

  • Vacuum charging system

It consists of two parts: a pump that generates the movement, and a homogenizer that performs a premix of the solids prior to entering the reactor. It is also used to add solid ingredients to the liquid mixture.

  • Coloidal Windmill

It is used for the homogenization of liquid products. Decreases the particle size to 2 microns, with the possibility of regulating it. Improves the texture of products that contain large volume insoluble molecules.