NutraProcés enters a new growing era. Our shareholders have recently changed, and Nutraresearch has become our sole owner. Nutraresearch is a leading company that provides research and product development services for the food supplements and pharmaceutical indsutry to third parties. Both companies share a single C-suite now, establishing joint strategies and synergies and speeding up decision-making.

NutraProcés, which was created from the joint effort of two family businesses (NutraResearch and InstantProcés), is today at a crucial moment for its growth. And in this new stage, it will receive more technological and financial support. NutraProcés will work to continue leading the sector with the highest quality standards. Moreover, it will work to expand its capabilities beyond its specialization in liquid production, optimizing processes, and being more competitive and efficient.

NutraResearch is powerful and well known for research, innovation, and efficient work on formulation developement. Now, all their valuable and complex know-how can also be transferred to their manufacturing plant, keeping confidentiality
working with excellent scale-up procedures, and all under strict standards of quality.

With this merger, we are ready to lead a future in which many new opportunities will open in the development and production of food supplements. And are positive that NutraResearch and NutraProcés will continue to have an important place in innovation, research, development, and production.